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BUGFIX: Ensure that subtracting a sorted DataList works.

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1 parent 296ee1f commit ed0341e82fb3cd678341f4d8c41db0441cf0f7fa @sminnee sminnee committed
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  1. +1 −0 model/DataQuery.php
1 model/DataQuery.php
@@ -656,6 +656,7 @@ public function subtract(DataQuery $subtractQuery, $field='ID') {
$fieldExpression = $this->expressionForField($field, $subSelect);
$subSelect->selectField($fieldExpression, $field);
+ $subSelect->setOrderBy(null);
$this->where($this->expressionForField($field, $this).' NOT IN ('.$subSelect->sql().')');
return $this;

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