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BUGFIX: Member::autoLogin() not setting alc_enc properly. PATCH via s…

…imon_w. FIXES: #6646.
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1 parent 3588cef commit ef6432d6476cbd47d91f52128c1d76a976881f59 @wilr wilr committed May 29, 2011
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2 security/Member.php
@@ -401,7 +401,7 @@ static function autoLogin() {
$generator = new RandomGenerator();
$member->RememberLoginToken = $generator->generateHash('sha1');
- Cookie::set('alc_enc', $member->ID . ':' . $token, 90, null, null, false, true);
+ Cookie::set('alc_enc', $member->ID . ':' . $member->RememberLoginToken, 90, null, null, false, true);

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Would be nice for this annoying bug to be bottled up in a release rather than sitting on it for 2 months. I have clients calling me about this so In the meantime I'll be patching the most important sites.

SilverStripe Ltd. member

Agreed, I think we could bring this back into post-2.4 as well. No release is planned for 2.4 simply because their isn't the resources with all the core devs chugging on 3.0. I think however we'll need to find time - @chillu do you have any plans for that post 2.4 release?

SilverStripe Ltd. member

Merged into post-2.4 with 362d94c

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