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If you have discovered a bug in SilverStripe, we'd be glad to hear about it -
well written bug reports can be half of the solution already!
-Our bugtracker is located on []( (create a [new ticket](
+Our bugtracker is located on [](
+Before submitting a bug:
+ * Ask for assistance on the [forums](, [core mailinglist]( or on [IRC]( if you're unsure if its really a bug.
+ * [Search for existing tickets]( before reporting a new one
+ * Is this a security issue? Please follow our separate reporting guidelines below.
+ * Is this a issue with the core framework or cms? Modules have their own issue trackers (see [](
+ * Try to reproduce your issue on a [clean installation](, maybe the bug has already been fixed on an unreleased branch?
+ * The bugtracker is not the place to discuss enhancements, please use the forums or mailinglist.
+ Only log enhancement tickets if they gather a large interest in the community
+ and the enhancement is likely to be implemented in the next couple of months.
+If the issue does look like a new bug:
+ * [Create a new ticket](
+ * Describe the steps required to reproduce your issue, and the expected outcome. Unit tests and screencasts can help here.
+ * Describe your environment as detailed as possible: SilverStripe version, Browser, PHP version, Operating System, any installed SilverStripe modules.
+ * Add keywords to help us organize issues, and please be realistic about the issue priority. Don't set milestones.
+ * *(optional)* [Submit a pull request](/misc/contributing/code) which fixes the issue.
## Reporting Security Issues
@@ -17,4 +36,4 @@ Report security issues to [](mailto:security@silverstri
* []( Forums on
* [silverstripe-dev]( Core development mailinglist
* [silverstripe-documentation]( Documentation team mailing list
+* [silverstripe-documentation]( Translation team mailing list

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