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Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. @chillu

    Merge pull request #344 from halkyon/remove_deprecated_extrastatics_u…

    chillu authored
    ENHANCEMENT Remove use of deprecated extraStatics in core files
  2. @chillu
  3. @sminnee
  4. @chillu
  5. @chillu
  6. @halkyon
  7. @chillu
  8. @chillu
  9. @chillu

    BUGFIX Only call TinyMCE.init() once per window load (actual editor c…

    chillu authored
    …reation happens through new tinymce.Editor()
  10. @chillu

    MINOR Removed unnecessary jquery.livequery include from CMS, its stil…

    chillu authored
    …l processing in the background = performance overhead
  11. @chillu

    MINOR Fixed tabset/breadcrumb tabular styling, avoid tabs overflowing…

    chillu authored
    … into hidden space (still needs more work to fix properly)
  12. @chillu

    MERGE sitetreeasul

    chillu authored
  13. @chillu

    MERGE tabs url abs

    chillu authored
  14. @chillu
  15. @chillu
  16. @halkyon

    BUGFIX Fixed places where Object::get_static() was being used. Replace

    halkyon authored
    with Config system instead.
  17. @chillu

    ENHANCEMENT Updated YML translations from, removed u…

    chillu authored
    …napproved langs with little or no translations, updated master strings, fixed line break problem in lang files generated by i18nYMLConverter module
  18. @halkyon

    MINOR Tidy up of code formatting in TestRunner

    halkyon authored
    MINOR Fixing up old ObjectStaticTest and merging into ConfigTest
  19. @chillu

    API CHANGE Don't use $tinymce_lang lookup in i18n::get_lang_from_loca…

    chillu authored
    …le(), as it mixes locales with langs and hence breaks language fallbacks in _t() (e.g. "pt_BR" returns "pt_br", rather than "pt")
  20. @halkyon

    BUGFIX Removing use of deprecated Object static functions like

    halkyon authored
    get_static(), set_static(), uninherited() etc. Replace with equivalent
    Config system get(), update()
  21. @chillu

    Merge pull request #342 from silverstripe-big-o/sapphire

    chillu authored
    This is the new _t syntax. All i18n unit tests pass.
  22. @chillu

    Merge pull request #337 from sminnee/fix-4911

    chillu authored
    BUGFIX: Fixed inconsistency in common_languages reference to Portuguese ...
  23. @halkyon

    BUGFIX Revert remove of function_exists() check for mcrypt in

    halkyon authored
    7d84aff, as we don't expect mcrypt to actually be available,
    since fallbacks in RandomGenerator are available.
  24. @candidasa

    MINOR: removing unused file

    candidasa authored
  25. @candidasa
  26. @candidasa

    BUGFIX: reverting back to Ingo's text collector from code, but using …

    candidasa authored
    …the parser to get from templates. Adding special case for _t functions in code that have an array in them. Fixing unit tests for all this.
  27. @candidasa
  28. @candidasa
  29. @candidasa
  30. @candidasa

    API-CHANGE: i18nTextCollector can now extract the new translatable en…

    candidasa authored
    …tities (<%t) from templates and populate them in language tables (uses PEG parser)
  31. @candidasa
  32. @candidasa
  33. @candidasa
  34. @halkyon

    Merge pull request #336 from adrexia/6943-drag-drop-upload-field

    halkyon authored
    BUGFIX: Fixes #6943
  35. @halkyon

    Merge pull request #338 from robert-h-curry/7059-uploadfieldtest-inco…

    halkyon authored
    ENHANCEMENT: Fixes #7059. Add test for allowedMaxFileNumber to UploadFieldTest.
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