[2012-04-15] LOLCAT IS TEH BROKEZ (because of new YML lang format) #1457

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created by: @chillu (ischommer)
created at: 2012-04-15
original ticket: http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/7143

Zend_Locale is obviously way too serious, and complains that its not a valid locale when trying to add translations through i18n::include_by_locale(). I can't see a way to add this to the zend definitions...

comment by: @halkyon (sharvey)
created at: 2012-04-17

Haha. I think it might be time to put this cat to bed.

comment by: @sminnee (sminnee)
created at: 2012-04-18

More seriously, it's handy to be able to define custom translations, for example if you wanted to add a langfile that customised field labels according to a clients' weird requirements.

If there's a better way of dealing with that, then we can probably close this as wontfix, but if not then the lolcat translation can be our test case for it. ;-)

comment by: @chillu (ischommer)
created at: 2012-04-18

Yeah Zend seems to take the stake of "anything that's not a language as defined by Unicode CLDR doesn't exist" - needs some research.

comment by: @halkyon (sharvey)
created at: 2012-05-23

Is this related to the fact Maori isn't a valid locale? http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/7386

I couldn't find any way to create a custom locale with Zend...

comment by: @kinglozzer (kinglozzer)
created at: 2012-09-20

Guys this is still a language option... not a huge issue but it should probably be removed until it's fixed (or removed entirely)?


kinglozzer commented Apr 4, 2013

Just tested in 3.0.5, changing a user's locale to lolcat completely breaks the CMS for them - fatal error - requiring another user to log in and change it back for them. Seems a waste to remove all the existing translations, but given the destructive power of lolcat should it be removed?

@chillu chillu closed this in ed19bbc Apr 4, 2013


Zauberfisch commented May 11, 2013

I think this issue should be reopened.

I looked into the issue, it is indeed a limitation of Zend_Locale,
in particular, a locale must be in $_localeData for Zend to consider it a valid locale.

this issue also occurs for the mi_NZ locale
mi_NZ works at the moment because it has been hacked into Zend_Locale

considering that the Zend_Locale has already been hacked into, I think it would not do harm to add lc_XX as well.

Zauberfisch pushed a commit to silverstripe/silverstripe-cms that referenced this issue May 11, 2013

Removed LOLCAT locale - sadly not supported by our translation infras…

It breaks the CMS when selected. If there's interest in maintaining it,
we can re-add. Fixes silverstripe/silverstripe-framework#1457

Zauberfisch commented May 12, 2013

I have an idea: I think for the long run, we could subclass Zend_Locale and put an instance of the subclass into the Zend_Register, I think that could work.
someone feels like trying that?

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