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UploadField: 2 buttons do the same thing, but are labelled differently #2415

phptek opened this Issue · 1 comment

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At present, using the UploadField framework API from within the CMS will show 2 buttons at two points during file-upload which are labeled differently, but that do the same thing:

  • Attach an default UploadField to a Page via getCMSFields()
  • Via the CMS UI, observe 2 buttons "From your computer" and "From files"
  • Now upload an image (for example) from your computer
  • Via the CMS UI, observe there is now a button labelled "Choose another file" which does the same thing, but that is labelled differently (in english at least).

Suggest that both buttons are labelled the same as each other or the same as the equivalent functionality on image-upload in TinyMCE, one but not all of:

  • "From your computer"
  • "From files"

Hm, not sure about that - the current labelling makes more sense when the UploadField supports mulitple uploads, see And even in single upload mode it communicates that the "choose another" action actually replaces the current file, rather than add a new one. Its not doing so very clearly ("another" implies addition). "Replace file" wouldn't be accurate either, since it can just change the association to the file, and leave the original file in place. Ideas?

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