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Use ViewableData getters in template engine #2505

chillu opened this Issue · 7 comments

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The template engine doesn't include arguments when calling methods without their get prefix. One example is FormField->getAttributesHTML():

// works
// doesn't work

Raised in #2492. Not sure if this has any implications on value caching within the ViewableData layer. I can't figure out how to read or write the SSTemplateParser class, so leaving this to @hafriedlander. Basically, make this test pass:

diff --git a/tests/view/SSViewerTest.php b/tests/view/SSViewerTest.php
index 187bf05..77c9473 100644
--- a/tests/view/SSViewerTest.php
+++ b/tests/view/SSViewerTest.php
@@ -291,6 +291,15 @@ SS;
            . '<% end_if %><% end_loop %><% end_with %>',$data);
        $this->assertEquals("SubKid1SubKid2Number6",$result, "Loop in current scope works");
+   public function testGetterWithArguments() {
+       $vd = new SSViewerTest_ViewableData();
+       $this->assertEquals(
+           'arg1:one,arg2:two',
+           SSViewer::fromString('$MethodWithArgs("one","two")')->process($vd),
+           'Accepts arguments with method name leaving out "get" prefix'
+       );
+   }

    public function testObjectDotArguments() {
@@ -301,7 +310,7 @@ SS;
-               [out:TestMethod(Arg1)]',
+               [out:TestMethod(Arg1)],',
                $TestMethod(Arg1, Arg2).Bar.Val
@@ -1365,6 +1374,10 @@ class SSViewerTest_ViewableData extends ViewableData implements TestOnly {
    public function methodWithTwoArguments($arg1, $arg2) {
        return "arg1:{$arg1},arg2:{$arg2}";
+   public function getMethodWithArgs($arg1 = null, $arg2 = null) {
+       return "arg1:{$arg1},arg2:{$arg2}";
+   }

/cc @hafriedlander


Doesn't really have anything to do with SSViewer, that just calls ViewableData#XML_val (which in turn calls ViewableData#obj which does $value = $this->$fieldName).

However, I don't think this is a bug. Getters can't (and shouldn't) take arguments. If the function needs to take an argument, it should be called AttributesHTML, not getAttributesHTML

This also affects PHP - you can't call echo $foo->AttributesHTML($arg);, you have to do $foo->getAttributesHTML($arg);


And, no, I didn't notice you'd closed this till after I'd posted that :P.


@wilr @sminnee What are your thoughts on this? I agree with Hamish that the current behaviour is consistent with PHP, but we've basically been teaching devs for years that in templates, they can just ignore the get prefix, right? I was quite surprised this didn't work, after seven years of using SS templates ;)


Heh, I'm with @chillu on this, I actually thought that it would call the getter with the arguments.


Would you expect if you did $foo->AttributesHTML($arg) that that would work too @halkyon? It's basically the same thing, just not in template land. (I'm pretty sure it's do-able, but it's definitely not how it currently works.)


There's also the question of what to do if both getAttributesHTML and AttributesHTML exist.


I've always been surprised that both are sort of equivalent, but quite often forget things like this. I can't see a reason why it shouldn't be the same.

What's the cons of with / without params?

@simonwelsh simonwelsh added the master label
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