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Unable to have an Abstract Data Object #2856

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Due to how the DataObject inheritance works it is not possible to have an abstract DataObject. The use case for this would be:

abstract class MediaLinkRelationship extends DataObject {
    private static $db = array('Title' => 'Varchar','AltName' => 'Varchar',.....);
    private static $has_one = array('MediaItem' => 'MediaItem');
class PageMediaLinkRelationship extends MediaLinkRelationship {
    private static $has_one = array('Parent' => 'Page');
class AnotherDataObjectMediaLinkRelationship extends MediaLinkRelationship {
    private static $has_one = array('Parent' => 'AnotherDataObject');

The error occurs during build as it is trying to instantiate the abstract class (MediaItemRelationship) during DatabaseAdmin::doBuild().


The problem is that user Extensions rely on instances, and the 'augmentDatabase' extension hook needs to be available to each discrete class at the point of DB generation. Not allowing DataObject classes to be abstract is one of the concessions that was made in favour of this functionality.

For the sake of pages, if you don't want a base class to be directly instantiated in the CMS you can at least use the hide_ancestor config. Other than this, what reason do you need abstract DataObject classes for? Is your problem not one that could be solved (for instance) using interfaces?

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