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BUGFIX double requirements #143

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BUGFIX Having <header tag in HTML causes requirements to double. See


Hey there, I can't reproduce this problem via unit tests (checked trunk and post-2.4), see Also tried to insert

tags in standard blackcandy theme, the JS is correctly included just before the closing body tag. Do you have a sample SS template where it fails?


To reproduce: add < header>foo< /header> to templates/Layout/
or add "< head>< /head>" to the same file. My patch fixes only the first case.
(note space after < is Markup workaround only)

Reason: SSViewer includes Requeirements for each subtemplate as well, but having protector in Requirements::includeInHTML(639) that only includes requierements if it founds '</head' string in content. So if you have '</head' string in any subtemplate it would include requirements twice (or more...)

My patch is only a quick fix, correct fix would be not calling Requirements::includeInHTML for subtemplates and always including Requierements for main template (regardless of '</head' string).


I still can't reproduce it in practice, but see the problem in the code - merged in 565e2ab and b1dae47 - thanks, and merry christmas to you!

@chillu chillu closed this
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  1. +1 −1  core/Requirements.php
2  core/Requirements.php
@@ -636,7 +636,7 @@ function restore() {
function includeInHTML($templateFile, $content) {
if(isset($_GET['debug_profile'])) Profiler::mark("Requirements::includeInHTML");
- if(strpos($content, '</head') !== false && ($this->css || $this->javascript || $this->customCSS || $this->customScript || $this->customHeadTags)) {
+ if((strpos($content, '</head>') !== false || strpos($content, '</head ') !== false) && ($this->css || $this->javascript || $this->customCSS || $this->customScript || $this->customHeadTags)) {
$requirements = '';
$jsRequirements = '';
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