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Prevent storing cache objects if expire is non-positive (caching disable... #2947

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This disables storing cache files if caching is disabled (expiry < 1).

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dhensby commented Mar 12, 2014
  1. Rather than duplicating the logic on line 174 it should be stored in a variable
  2. Also, is it really bad to store the cache if the lifetime is 0?

There could be some unexpected behaviour from this patch. Take this scenario:

$rest = new RestufService('');
$rest->request(); //first run, returns fresh data
$rest2 = new RestfulService('', 0);
$rest2->request(); //run before, but cache is 0 so returns fresh data
$rest3 = new RestufService('');
$rest3->request(); //returns same result as $rest->request();

//ie: $rest->request() == $rest3->request();

So, I think storing the last valid response isn't that bad; however, if you never use the cache, then you'll obviously be ending up with lots of files on the file system that you don't want; perhaps the solution is to be able to turn caching off completely?

@simonwelsh simonwelsh added the 3.1 label Mar 15, 2014
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halkyon commented Sep 25, 2014

No activity in a long time. Closing.

@halkyon halkyon closed this Sep 25, 2014
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