Remove calls to deprecated Object static methods, update ConfigTest #343

merged 3 commits into from Apr 19, 2012

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SilverStripe Ltd. member

Remove all the deprecated calls to Object::set_static(), Object::uninherited() etc which are deprecated.

Replace entirely with the Config system instead. This seems to improve performance somewhat, as Deprecation::notice() called on the deprecated functions would call version_compare() a lot.

Especially important was a call to Object::set_uninherited() which didn't do anything, but it relied on setting permissionCache. This also fixes that, so the cache is actually used now.

Remove ObjectStaticTest and merge into ConfigTest.

halkyon added some commits Apr 18, 2012
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Removing use of deprecated Object static functions like
get_static(), set_static(), uninherited() etc. Replace with equivalent
Config system get(), update()
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Tidy up of code formatting in TestRunner
MINOR Fixing up old ObjectStaticTest and merging into ConfigTest
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fixed places where Object::get_static() was being used. Replace
with Config system instead.
@wilr wilr merged commit 585417d into silverstripe:master Apr 19, 2012
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