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<title>The SilverStripe Framework is missing</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="framework/dev/install/css/install.css" />
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<h1>SilverStripe CMS Installation</h1>
<div id="Navigation">&nbsp;</div>
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<div class="typography">
<p><strong>The SilverStripe Framework is missing</strong> - To run the installer, at least the 'framework' module and the 'simple' theme are required</p>
<p>If you downloaded a pre-packaged zip or tar.gz, something might have gone wrong with the packaging
process. Please try re-downloading, or try an older version</p>
<p>If you downloaded this from github, you need to install the 'framework' and 'simple' theme code bases
in subdirectories of this directory. You can do this manually, or by running the tools/new-project
script from the command line</p>
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<div id="Footer">
<div class="footerTop"><!-- --></div>
<p><a href="">SilverStripe Open Source CMS</a> | Copyright &copy; 2008-2011 SilverStripe Limited</p>
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