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PHPUnit configuration for SilverStripe
Requires PHPUnit 3.6+
- "phpunit": Runs all tests in all folders
- "phpunit framework/tests/": Run all tests of the framework module
- "phpunit framework/tests/filesystem": Run all filesystem tests within the framework module
- "phpunit framework/tests/filesystem/FolderTest.php": Run a single test
- "phpunit <dash><dash>coverage-html assets/": Generate coverage report (replace <dash> with "-", requires xdebug)
Further information:
- for more commandline options.
for more information on configuration and execution options.
- framework/dev/TestRunner.php for an alternative way to run unit tests through the "sake" CLI tool.
<phpunit bootstrap="framework/tests/bootstrap.php" colors="true">
<testsuite name="Default">
<directory suffix=".php">framework/dev/</directory>
<directory suffix=".php">framework/thirdparty/</directory>
<directory suffix=".php">cms/thirdparty/</directory>
<listener class="SS_TestListener" file="framework/dev/TestListener.php" />
<listener class="TeamCityListener" file="framework/dev/TeamCityListener.php"/>
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