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MINOR Fixed grammar mistake in install (from r92304)

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1 parent 317e179 commit be07c8ca3fedcd2a5be6abec95caf1b687114adb sminnee committed Oct 13, 2010
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@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ class InstallRequirements {
function checkdatabase($databaseConfig) {
if($this->requireFunction('mysql_connect', array("PHP Configuration", "MySQL support", "MySQL support not included in PHP."))) {
$this->requireMySQLServer($databaseConfig['server'], array("MySQL Configuration", "Does the server exist",
- "Can't find the a MySQL server on '$databaseConfig[server]'", $databaseConfig['server']));
+ "I couldn't find a MySQL server on '$databaseConfig[server]'", $databaseConfig['server']));
if($this->requireMysqlConnection($databaseConfig['server'], $databaseConfig['username'], $databaseConfig['password'],
array("MySQL Configuration", "Are the access credentials correct", "That username/password doesn't work"))) {
@$this->requireMySQLVersion("4.1", array("MySQL Configuration", "MySQL version at least 4.1", "MySQL version 4.1 is required, you only have ", "MySQL " . mysql_get_server_info()));

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