SilverStripe module that adds access restrictions to folders in assets, similar to the way you secure pages
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Secure Assets Module

Build Status SilverStripe supported module


A module for adding access restrictions to folders that mirrors the access restrictions of sitetree pages

This is a fork of the community module (Also called Secure Files) located at

This should work with IIS 7+, but it has not been extensively tested.

See the usage documentation for more information.

Maintainer Contact

  • Hamish Friedlander <hamish (at) silverstripe (dot) com>
  • Sean Harvey <sean (at) silverstripe (dot) com>


(3.1 up to but not including 4)

NOTE: Since SilverStripe 4.0.0 this module has been superseded by core functionality (provided by silverstripe/assets - a part of recipe-core).

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the module to your website directory, or install using composer: composer require silverstripe/secureassets dev-master
  2. Run /dev/build?flush=1

Upgrade Instructions

As above, this module is no longer needed in the SilverStripe 4.x release line.

Run dev/build followed by dev/tasks/MigrateFileTask. All secure assets will be migrated to your updated project.


This is a fairly heavy re-write of a community module (also called secure files module) by Hamish Campbell. Check that module out if you want fine-grained per member access control