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FIXED: Crash during dev/build on new database construction

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commit 1120f2974e6754496903b17351ad0492ba8cbfa3 1 parent ba62557
Damian Mooyman tractorcow authored chillu committed
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  1. +3 −3 code/model/Translatable.php
6 code/model/Translatable.php
@@ -1144,12 +1144,12 @@ function getTranslation($locale, $stage = null) {
protected function populateSiteConfig() {
- // Work-around for population of defaults during test setup (when tables are not created).
- // When the database is being setup during testing, singleton('SiteConfig') is called.
+ // Work-around for population of defaults during database initialisation
+ // When the database is being setup singleton('SiteConfig') is called.
// Singleton objects should not call populateDefault() but a bug seems to be allowing it
// to happen anyway. Looking up existing SiteConfig objects without a database crashes horribly
// @todo Remove this hack once this bug is fixed
- if(SapphireTest::using_temp_db() && !DB::getConn()->hasTable($this->owner->class))
+ if(!DB::getConn()->hasTable($this->owner->class))
// Find the best base translation for site config
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