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Use lowercase L for ?locale= in TranslatableCMSMainExtension->updateL…

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commit d194b50b942791467d4e53442bfa9dca144ba95d 1 parent 03311b4
Zauberfisch Zauberfisch authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 code/controller/TranslatableCMSMainExtension.php
4 code/controller/TranslatableCMSMainExtension.php
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ function updateExtraTreeTools(&$html) {
function updateLinkPageAdd(&$link) {
$locale = $this->owner->Locale ? $this->owner->Locale : Translatable::get_current_locale();
- if($locale) $link = Controller::join_links($link, '?Locale=' . $locale);
+ if($locale) $link = Controller::join_links($link, '?locale=' . $locale);
@@ -222,4 +222,4 @@ function IsTranslatableEnabled() {
return SiteTree::has_extension('Translatable');

3 comments on commit d194b50

Bart van Irsel


What's the reason this has been changed to lowercase? I'm using Uppercase in projects now because it gives this issue:

Maybe this problem can also be fixed in cms?




to be honest, I can't remember.
The problem was that lowercase and uppercase was mixed, and I guess I just picked one at random.

What are those issues you speak of? And would changing to uppercase fix them?

Bart van Irsel

hi Zauberfisch,

The problem it creates is the following: #156

Changing to uppercase in updateLinkPageAdd method on line 158 fixes the problem.

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