Incorrectly fetches locale with the user forms module #83

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This is also posted to Translatable module (silverstripe/silverstripe-translatable#90) , but I assume this is more a porblem of userforms . The problem :

Having installed user-forms and translatable got an error when trying to "Delete all submissions" or "Delete Submission" in "Form Submissions" tab.

The error says : "Error at line 312 of [DOMAIN]/translatable/code/model/Translatable.php"

Problem is in static function set_current_locale($locale) function. Debuging $locale variable would show :

Debug (Translatable::set_current_locale() in Translatable.php:310)

ERROR [User Error]: Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Invalid locale "en_US/deletesubmission/?id=2"
IN POST /admin/pages/edit/EditForm/field/Reports?locale=en_US/deletesubmission/?id=2

SO it takes locale as 'en_US/deletesubmission/?id=2' .

I'm not sure if this is your bug , or is this translatable module bug, so please redirect or answer me if possible

@RoyalPulp RoyalPulp referenced this issue in sheadawson/silverstripe-quickaddnew Oct 24, 2013

When using translatable the "Add new" Button crashes #10

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Submissions are now managed through the core GridField so all responsibility for dealing with that should be dealt with outside the module but the GridField IMHO

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