Removed jquery-validate and re-added as git submodule #74

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/thirdparty/jquery-validate was not up-to-date. Have removed this folder and re-added it as a submodule.


Willr, the pull request needs one extra modification as there is no jquery.validate.min.js, only jquery.validate.js. All my requests have been added today's commits. Pls review and include :)

wilr commented Dec 6, 2012

Thanks. You should also update the readme to include the fact that you need to run git submodule update --init --recursive when you git clone the module (otherwise people will be missing the files)

Also your changes to nl_NL won't be merged as they'll be overridden when we next update from getlocalization. See for documentation regarding translations.


Have made suggested changes. I'm quite new to this. How can I help to improve Dutch lang files?


Willr, happy NY. Could/should you commit my pull request?

wilr commented Jan 29, 2013

Thanks mschilder! Like the new placeholder label work, very nice. Sorry for the delay, just got back a couple weeks ago from a month off so trucking through the backlog.

Little bit worried about the git submodule stuff as it'll catch people out I'm positive but will keep an eye on the forum to see if anyone runs into it. Not much more we could do, I've made it run automatically for composer based installations in 09971a5.

@wilr wilr closed this Jan 29, 2013
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