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Important notice: project is using git submodule, so "Download source" link doesnt prepare ready-to-use package for you. Use GIT or download prepared packages ( or disqus.tar.gz) from Download page.

Used submodule is: and is stored in code/thirdparty/disqus-php/ folder.

Downloading source code:

cd /path/to/your/silverstrie/installation/
git clone git:// disqus
git cd disqus
## This needs Git 1.6.5+ !
git submodule update --init --recursive

Installation & setup:

Build your ss installation

Build your ss installation - in browser visit following url:


Setup in SiteConfig area

In backend visit SiteConfig area, tab Disqus, place required data:

  • disqus shortname (from your disqus account)
  • disqus secret key (from your disqus account)
  • disqus prefix (place there anything you want. Store diferent prefix for local and production, so thread identifier will be different and your local testing comments will not be shown on production.) By default, identifier looks like this: prefix_pageID. You can customize this for each Page (Behaviour tab, right above Comments checkbox) so you can show same comments on multiple pages (alternatively, create different forum for local copy of your site)...
  • Disqus sync time (only PHP 5.3+) -> comments can be synced with disqus server for SS usage (e.g. generate comments for non javascript usage, search, latest comments listing...). Place time in seconds (3600 for 1 hour)
  • By default, time syncing works as standard php process within visitor's page load (so if there are some difficulties with disqus server connection, page load can be limited). You can enable background syncing, so syncing is independent from visitor's page load. Its alpha feature, tested only on linux!

Place in template files



with following code in your templates files


if you are on some Page holder (list of pages, e.g. showing Children pages), you can show comments count by adding:

<% if ProvideComments %>$disqusCountLink<% end_if %>


Check SS default Enable Page Comments Checkbox (located on Behaviour tab) to enable disqus comments


If you want to help out and make some improvements please fork this project and submit a pull request (see this guide on how to do this: Pull requests).