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Audio Controls / Playlist #40

ZombieHippie opened this Issue · 7 comments

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It would be nice to have controls to seek, advance, or exit playback.


These go along with the playlist. I think for the UI, I'd keep the small panel on bottom with basic info and buttons, and show a the playlist with the click of a button on the panel.

I'd suggest these buttons:

[prev track] [play|pause] [stop] [next track] [seek -10s] [seek +10s]

For seeking and switching tracks, I'd also add the common keybinds many players use.

@silverwind silverwind added the Frontend label
@silverwind silverwind added the 1.1 label

Tagging this for 1.1, as the audio code is really in need of an rewrite.

I was thinking of a new view type, playlist, but I'm not sure yet how to do that UI for that. I want to add loading files either through the entry menu or through drag and drop.

Do you know any good public API for album art and maybe even lyrics?

@silverwind silverwind added 1.2 and removed 1.1 labels

This probably isn't the best place for this comment, but if you're going to rewrite the audio eventually, why not make the program more modular and divide it up into smaller files instead of having one big droppy.js file? I'm not too familiar with node, but I know that it allows you import other files so that projects can be divided up more easily. This would probably make maintaining the code a lot easier as well.


This would probably make maintaining the code a lot easier as well.

You get used to the largeness of the two script files :laughing:

But yes, I would divide it up into more modular-like files, but then again I'd remove all the semi-colons too :smile:

@silverwind silverwind removed the 1.3 label
@silverwind silverwind self-assigned this
  • parent player to view
  • change all IDs to classes
  • rewrite event handlers
  • replace input[range] volume slider with something better
  • add play, pause, stop, next, previous, shuffle controls
  • make player persist across folder switching

maybe later:

  • add a playlist/player combo view type
  • add actions to audio to easily add to playlist
  • get id3tag data, present it
  • display album art

Rewrote pretty much all of the audio player. It has all the control buttons, is persistent to each view. I've released it now, there still some TODOs left:

  • better responsiveness
  • investigate a bug on some songs where total time isn't calculated correctly

Looks like the "bug" with total time is caused by a corrupted mp3, can't do much about that, so I'd say this is fixed.

@silverwind silverwind closed this
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