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Docker image for Matrix


With v0.99.5 we publish some changes that can breake the backward compatibility.

We change to python3. We could not test everything. Please come into our chat and/or open a issue on github.

Please make sure to use our tagged docker images and not the latest one. Specifically in a production environment you should never use :latest as that the version can be broken.

Creating Issues and Pull request

We are working with the repository at "". If you want to open issues or create pull request, please use that repository.


We verify the docker layers of our image automaticly with clair. Matrix is not a part of the vulnerability scan, which means clair will only find vulnerabilities that are part of the OS (operating system).


Dockerfile for installation of matrix open federated Instant Messaging and VoIP communication server.

The web client has now his own docker file at github.


If you want contribute to this project feel free to fork this project, do your work in a branch and create a pull request.

To support this Dockerimage please pledge via liberapay.


To configure run the image with "generate" as argument. You have to setup the server domain and a /data-directory. After this you have to edit the generated homeserver.yaml file.

Please read the synapse readme file about configuration settings, there is also an example setup available to read.

To get the things done, "generate" will create a self-signed certificate, which should be replaced with a valid certificate if used in production, either by giving synapse access to the valid certificate, or by using a reverse proxy.

It is recommended to run the container with a --user : flag, to prevent the container from running as root. However, the synapse process will not run as root if the user flag is not supplied.


$ docker run -v /tmp/data:/data --rm --user 991:991 -e SERVER_NAME=localhost -e REPORT_STATS=no avhost/docker-matrix:<VERSION> generate


For starting you need the port bindings and a mapping for the /data-directory.

$ docker run -d --user 991:991 -p 8448:8448 -p 8008:8008 -p 3478:3478 -v /tmp/data:/data avhost/docker-matrix:<VERSION> start

Port configurations

Matrix Homeserver

The following ports are used in the container for the Matrix server. You can use -p-option on docker run to configure this part (eg.: -p 443:8448):
8008,8448 tcp

Coturn server

If you only need STUN to work you need the following ports:
3478, 5349 udp/tcp
The server has the following as alt-ports: 3479, 5350 udp/tcp

For TURN (using the server as a relay) you also need to forward this portrange:

You may also have to set the external ip of the server in turnserver.conf which is located in the /data volume:

In case you don't want to expose the whole port range on udp you can change the portrange in turnserver.conf:

Version information

To get the installed synapse version you can run the image with version as argument or look at the container via cat.

$ docker run -ti --rm avhost/docker-matrix:<VERSION> version
-=> Matrix Version
synapse: master (7e0a1683e639c18bd973f825b91c908966179c15)
coturn:  master (88bd6268d8f4cdfdfaffe4f5029d489564270dd6)

# docker exec -it CONTAINERID cat /synapse.version
synapse: master (7e0a1683e639c18bd973f825b91c908966179c15)
coturn:  master (88bd6268d8f4cdfdfaffe4f5029d489564270dd6)

Environment variables

  • SERVER_NAME: Server and domain name, mandatory, needed only for generate
  • REPORT_STATS: statistic report, mandatory, values: yes or no, needed only for generate
  • MATRIX_UID/MATRIX_GID: UserID and GroupID of user within container which runs the synapse server, if the --user flag is not supplied. The files mounted under /data are chowned to this ownership. Default is MATRIX_UID=991 and MATRIX_GID=991. It can overriden via -e MATRIX_UID=... and -e MATRIX_GID=... at start time.
  • LD_PRELOAD This is set by default to use jemalloc as memory allocator, as that has been shown to greatly reduce the memory useage of synapse. To use the default malloc the environmental variable has to be emptied, by adding -e LD_PRELOAD when running the container.

build specific arguments

  • BV_SYN: synapse version, optional, defaults to master
  • BV_TUR: coturn turnserver version, optional, defaults to master

For building of synapse version v0.11.0-rc2 and coturn with commit a9fc47e add --build-arg BV_SYN=v0.11.0-rc2 --build-arg BV_TUR=a9fc47efd77 to the docker build command.

diff between system and fresh generated config file

To get a hint about new options etc you can do a diff between your configured homeserver.yaml and a newly created config file. Call your image with diff as argument.

$ docker run --rm -ti -v /tmp/data:/data avhost/docker-matrix:<VERSION> diff
+# ldap_config:
+#   enabled: true
+#   server: "ldap://localhost"
+#   port: 389
+#   tls: false
+#   search_base: "ou=Users,dc=example,dc=com"
+#   search_property: "cn"
+#   email_property: "email"
+#   full_name_property: "givenName"

For generating of this output its diff from busybox used. The used diff parameters can be changed through DIFFPARAMS environment variable. The default is Naur.

Exported volumes

  • /data: data-container