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H5Web: React components for data visualization and exploration

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H5Web is a collection of React components to visualize and explore data. It consists of three packages:

  • @h5web/lib: visualization components built with react-three-fiber.
  • @h5web/app: a component to explore and visualize data stored in HDF5 (or HDF5-like) files, and data providers to connect this component to various back-end solutions.
  • @h5web/h5wasm: an additional data provider that can read HDF5 files straight in the browser.

While H5Web was initially built with the HDF5 format in mind, @h5web/lib visualization components are not tied to HDF5 and can be used to visualize data from any source. Also, @h5web/app lets you write your own data provider and can therefore work with any other hierarchical data format.

If you're after a ready-made solution to view local HDF5 files, take a look at the JupyterLab extension jupyterlab-h5web. The extension is based on @h5web/app and the h5grove Python package.

H5Web GIF demo

NPM packages 📚


H5Web's component library, which includes the main visualization components (LineVis, HeatmapVis, etc.) as well as some of their lower-level building blocks (VisCanvas, ColorBar, etc.)

The library is documented in a Storybook site accessible at

Some examples of usage of @h5web/lib:

LineVis with multiple curves HeatmapVis with horizontal color bar and tooltip Comparison between gamma and power scale
LineVis with multiple curves HeatmapVis with horizontal color bar and tooltip Comparison between gamma and power scale


HDF5 viewer component (App) and built-in data providers.

Data providers are components that fetch data from HDF5 back-end solutions and provide this data to the app through React Context. H5Web currently includes three providers, two of which are available in the @h5web/app package:


This package includes a third data provider, H5WasmProvider, that can read HDF5 files straight in the browser thanks to the h5wasm library.


The stand-alone demo app demonstrates the use of the built-in data providers and visualizations. Several demos are available, one per data provider:


This demo is available at

The following HDF5 files can be reached with a URL of the form<name>:

  • water_224.h5 (default): A typical NeXus file with various real-world datasets to demonstrate the visualizations.
  • compressed.h5: A file with datasets compressed with various filters to test decompression.
  • epics.h5: A test file from EPICS group (Argonne national lab).
  • grove.h5: A file used to test the provider. It contains datasets with NaN/Infinity values, booleans, complexes and other types of datasets such as RGB images and 4D stacks.
  • links.h5: A file with external links, soft links and a virtual dataset to test link resolution.
  • tall.h5: The demo file of HSDS.


This demo is available at

All the HDF5 files mentionned above can be reached with a URL of the form<name>. will default to water_224.h5 but some datasets cannot be displayed as bitshuffle compression is not supported by HSDS yet.


This demo is available at Just drop an HDF5 file from your local machine to get started.

Mock data

At, you can view a set of mock data generated entirely on the front-end. This demo and its provider, MockProvider are used for end-to-end testing purposes.