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A middleware for uniform totally ordered broadcast
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Trains Protocol : a uniform and totally-ordered broadcast algorithm

Trains protocol is historically a uniform and totally-ordered broadcast algorithm [Défago et al., 2004]. It can also ensure plain total order, or causal order.

It is designed to be a throughput-efficient algorithm, especially for short messages (100 bytes or lower) [Simatic, 2012].

Compilation of Trains middleware

make all (with no target) generates the library, the unit and integration tests,

make doc generates the doxygen documentation.

There is no installation target.

Generating an application using Trains middleware

tests/integration/basic contains a basic integration test which shows the APIs which can be used.

To compile, you should add -Iinclude (where include is the path to include directory of this TrainsProtocol GIT project) to your compilation instruction

To link, you should add -Lsrc -ltrains -pthread (where src is the path to src directory of this TrainsProtocol GIT project) to your link instruction

Running an application using Trains middleware

In the directory where you will launch your application, create a file called addr_file which describes the participants processes. Each line should follow the rank:hostname:port rule syntax.

  • rank : the rank the protocol participant process will have in your application (between 0 and 15)
  • hostname : the name of a host (may be localhost) on which you will run your application
  • port : the port which shall be used by your application

See tests/integration/basic/addr_file for an example

export TRAINS_PORT=port to be used by application


See tutorial

Known issues

See "Known issues" section in the RELEASE-NOTES


[Défago et al., 2004] Défago, X., Schiper, A. et Urbán, P. (2004). Total order broadcast and multicast algorithms : Taxonomy and survey. ACM Comput. Surv., 36:372?421.

[Simatic, 2012] M. Simatic. Communication et partage de données dans les systèmes répartis (Data communication and data sharing in distributed system, in French). PhD thesis, École Doctorale ÉDITE, October 2012 (available at

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