Code for my "Put some Javascript in your backend" talk from 360 Flex 2011.
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This is the home of the slides and code for my presentation for 360|Flex 2011 in Denver.

The presentation is titled "Put some Javascript in your backend"



##01_First_Look The first look example is just a simple http server which returns a hello world string with a 200 response

##02_Static_Server The static server is an example of creating a node.js server which serves files from the specified folder. This is a great way to server your bin-debug to test your flash applications with a proper security context.

##03_ExpressRouting Express adds the ability to start using routes. This is a simple example to make use of those.

##04_Express_MVC Building on the routing example 03, this example is taken straight from the express examples. But shows a good way to create mvc applications in node.js which allows you to return mulitple formats and interact with http requests.

##05_Echo_Socket This the basic node socket example. when running this example you can telnet to port 8080 and it will echo anything you type. Also using the FlexSocketDemo code above you can use flash to communicate with the echo server.

##06_Chat_Socket Building on 05, we adapt the server to allow for a chat client. When a client connects we push that into an array. After adding an event listener for 'data' when we receive a message message we loop through the clients and send them the message prepended with the client number who sent it. This works by telnetting to localhost:8080 and also by using the FlexSocketDemo code.

##07_Socket.IO_Chat I found this simple html chat demo using and so I decided to write a flash client to connect to it. I changed the original to use a newer library that handled json correctly, and then allowed flashsockets to connect.

##08 Bonus Socket.IO - Real Time Stats This was the final demo. This was what all the build up was for. Showing HTML and Flash working together in context. Check out NodePoll