ZK Patterns Demo Application Featuring ZK, Spring and JPA
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This is the code for the "ZkToDo2" sample application with ZK, JPA & Spring

This is the sourcecode project from the white paper Implementing event-driven GUI patterns using the ZK Java AJAX framework.

Tested against Java8, ZK 8.0.0, Spring 4.0.9.RELEASE and Hibernate 4.3.10.Final

See it in the clouds

Running on the OpenShift PaaS Cloud

Running on the Heroku PaaS Cloud

Getting the source:

git clone https://simbo1905@github.com/simbo1905/ZkToDo2.git

Building and running with default settings of a PostgreSQL database:

mvn -Djetty.port=8080 -DDATABASE_URL=postgres://user:password@localhost:port/db package jetty:run

within the source code there are config settings for running on mysql db, postgresql db and derby see the commandline.build.and.run.txt for more details on switching to MySQL database. See opensshift.build.and.run.txt for the create table command.


The line


in file


may or may not create the required database table depending on your database setup. Of course that setting is a bit lazy you can have hibernate generate the sql ddl script and use the local tools to manage your schema for a real app.

More documentation at: