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extern crate serde;
extern crate serde_json;
extern crate serde_derive;
extern crate some_library;
use some_library::Shape;
use serde::ser::{Serialize};
// This enum is onlu used to generate the Serialize method using serde_derive
// Serde calls this the definition of the remote type. It is just a copy of the
// remote type. The `remote` attribute gives the path to the actual type.
#[serde(remote = "Shape")]
pub enum ShapeDef {
Circle { x: u32, y: u32, radius: u32},
Rect { x: u32, y: u32, width: u32, height: u32}
// This is the "newtype" pattern. It serialises the external
// create class using the serializer definition generated for the local type.
// Now the remote type can be used almost like it had its own Serialize and
// Deserialize impls all along. The `with` attribute gives the path to the
// definition for the remote type. Note that the real type of the field is the
// remote type, not the definition type.
pub struct Shaper(
#[serde(with = "ShapeDef")]
pub Shape
// This is the extention method trait which has a default to_json using serde
pub trait JSON {
fn to_json(&self) -> String
where Self: Serialize {
return serde_json::to_string(&self).unwrap();
// This adds the exention method trait to the newtype pattern object
impl JSON for Shaper {
// add code here
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