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Very simple vim plugin for easy resizing of your vim windows.

You can resize windows continuously by using typical keymaps of Vim. (h, j, k, l)
The WindowResize mode makes your operation more quickly and more naturally.


For terminal vim

Resize mode


Window Move mode

You can move windows.

Change the focus & resize window

Focus mode -> Resize mode

For MacVim(gui vim)

  • MacVim Window resize
  • Vim window resize


In default setting

  1. You press keys Ctrl + E or execute :WinResizerStartResize on vim(in normal mode), to run this plugin

  2. Start 'window resize mode', and you can resize current vim windows using 'h', 'j', 'k', 'l' keys

  3. You want to finish resize mode, then press "Enter" key

  4. If you cancel window resize, then press "q" key. You will get window size of before change

  5. You can change the mode if you press "e" in 'window resize mode'

Customize options

You can change setting and key mappings by using below options.(in your vimrc)

variable name default value description
g:winresizer_enable 1 Use winresizer (If this value is 0, this plugin will not work)
g:winresizer_gui_enable 0 Use winresizer in GUI Vim (If this value is 0, this plugin will not work in GUI Vim such as Mac Vim)
g:winresizer_finish_with_escape 1 If this value is 1, window resize mode is finished(fixed) by Esc
g:winresizer_vert_resize 10 The change width of window size when left or right key is pressed
g:winresizer_horiz_resize 3 The change height of window size when down or up key is pressed
g:winresizer_start_key Ctrl + e Start window resize mode
g:winresizer_gui_start_key Ctrl + a Start window resize mode (in GUI Vim)
g:winresizer_keycode_left 104(h) Expand window size to left
g:winresizer_keycode_right 108(l) Expand window size to right
g:winresizer_keycode_down 106(j) Expand window size to down
g:winresizer_keycode_up 107(k) Expand window size to up
g:winresizer_keycode_focus 102(f) Change a mode to Focus mode
g:winresizer_keycode_move 109(m) Change a mode to Move mode
g:winresizer_keycode_resize 114(r) Change a mode to Resize mode
g:winresizer_keycode_mode 101(e) Rotate a mode (Resize -> Move -> Focus -> Resize ...)
g:winresizer_keycode_finish 13(Enter) Fix and escape from window resize mode
g:winresizer_keycode_cancel 113(q) Cancel and quit window resize mode

If you want to resize MacVim window itself, you must set below.

let g:winresizer_gui_enable = 1

Example in your .vimrc

📝 If you use winresizer with default settings. Don't have to do any settings.

" If you want to start window resize mode by `Ctrl+T`
let g:winresizer_start_key = '<C-T>'

" If you cancel and quit window resize mode by `z` (keycode 122)
let g:winresizer_keycode_cancel = 122


very simple vim plugin for easy resizing of your vim windows





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