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Bevy Manim

Bevy tracking

bevy plugin for drawing and animation


I was inspired to create this plugin by the work of 3b1b manim and the need for bevy to develop direct drawing tools. The plugin is in its infancy and could change dramatically, but the basic concept will remain the same.

It is also based on lyon, an alternative may be useful

Current goals

  • More drawing primitives:
  • More animations
  • Documentation
  • Get rid of the terrible Arc<Mutex<...>> aka PackedAnimation
  • Find a way to make the interface more user-friendly for drawing and scheduling animations
  • Add complex animations (more than one effect is applied to the same picture at the same time)
  • Integration with user input, for example, to start a chain of animations when you press the spacebar (useful for presentations)


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v0.5 v0.1