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This Project is based on the application of software Validation and Verification Tools and Techniques on a Queue Warning System Deployed for use on Clemson University Game days
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Clemson Gameday Queue Warning System Modeling using V&V Techniques and Tools


  • Simeon Babatunde
  • Hameeda Dilda Taj


In a bid to assuage the impact of high traffic experienced on Clemson Gamedays, we modeled a custom queue warning system for use on game days using software Verification and Validation Tools and Techniques. The rationale behind this project is based off of the need to minimize the amount of man-hour directed towards ensuring a free flowing traffic on game days through automation and Intelligent Transportation System. In this project, we demonstrated the use of Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) in modeling the architecture of the system as well as the creation of product components and work products. We concluded by comparing the results of the system requirement verification using AGREE and JUNIT.

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