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A project starterkit for small projects. Includes an unassuming, basic plug-and-play toolkit for quick in-browser prototyping.
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Slim Starter Kit v0.3.0

SlimStarterkit uses a combination of a Sass architecture for quick and unopinionated style starter, handlebars for templating, .htaccess and 404 file templates, and an automated server/build process using Gulp. This kit is quick, unopinionated, and provides a simple starting point for website projects.

Check out the website

Start developing using Gulp

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Navigate to the project folder
  3. npm i installs the dependencies (You only need to do this once)
  4. gulp starts the server
  5. This process will automatically open the site in your default browser
  6. Write code. Enjoy browser refreshing and live CSS injection.
  7. Use gulp build for production build
  8. Upload the content from the /dist folder to your hosting

Templating with Handlebars

  1. Create partial files inside the /partials folder, suffix file with .hbs
  2. Reference a partial using {{> partial-name}}
  3. Create new pages directly in the /src directory
  4. Read the [Handlebars documentation]( " to learn more about using the library.


  1. Check your finished site against Front-End Checklist
  2. If you need a CMS, or website management system (WMS) for your project, check out
  3. Attach GA or some sort of analytics tracking
  4. Launch your site!


  • Sitemap generator?
  • Integrate HTML minifier
  • Update documentation to provide information about site structure and templating
  • Create build task to generate theme.json file


Updates - v0.3.0

  • Integrate Handlebars templating system to support usage of partials and separate data
  • Add assets folder to src, move img folder into assets
  • Template all meta data for ease of use. Just fill out the data.json file to fill data across a whole template
  • Update documentation language
  • Add navigation sidebar to documentation
  • Add .htaccess example

Updates - v0.2.0

  • Moved to Gulp for faster build process
  • Added image compression to build process
  • Added SVG sprite builder to build process
  • More complete container classes
  • More complete set of media-queries and breakpoints
  • Cleaner class naming conventions
  • Button utlity classes

Updates - v0.1.7

  • A better build process for production files
  • Toggle component can now specify targets
  • Toggleable navigation menu (mobile)

Updates - v0.1.4

  • Styled buttons, tables, cards
  • Defined basic typography scale
  • Designed color functions for color palette generation
  • Added container classes
  • Added positioning classes
  • Added responsive-break classes to grid system

Updates - v0.1.1

  • Introduced new SCSS structure
  • Commencing planning phase

Updates - v0.0.8

  • Updated media-query mixins to reflect min values on defaults mixins.
  • Added a mobile navigation menu to the HTML boilerplate
  • Added Twitter Card meta, and standard meta tags
  • Moved grid system to Flex
  • Added default colors
  • Added new files to the SCSS structure for containers, colors, typography.

Updates - v0.0.5

  • Removed Grunt Bake dependency - because it's old, and Jekyll is awesome
  • Cleaned up GruntFile.js
  • Re-wrote the

Updates - v0.0.4

  • Cleaned up GruntFile.js
  • Removed the pretentious
  • Modified SCSS Reset
  • Updated from Autoprefixer-Core to Autoprefixer PostCSS Module
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