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Exhibit 3.0 Documentation

Welcome to the Exhibit 3.0 Documentation wiki, providing information for Exhibit 3.0 developers.


Read the overview to get a sense for how all of the different components tie together. In progress.


In order to develop with Exhibit 3.0, first install a checkout of the code in your development environment.


The developer API for Exhibit 3.0 Scripted (the client-side only mode) is a work in progress, as is the event API.

The extensions API is not implemented but contains ideas on what an API to ease the lives of extension authors might look like.

Missing features

As development progresses, the feature gap between Exhibit 2.2.0 and Exhibit 3.0 should get smaller. If you're thinking about moving to the Exhibit 3.0 Scripted code, consider what may not be available to you immediately.