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Assets 2
in reality they are intended for the bump to 0.3.0.

List of changes between 0.2.2 and 0.2.3:

  * Lots of small fixes and structural changes

  * The automatic stream selection mechanism can be told to associate
    higher or lower costs with specific stream types.

  * Mention in README that the OpenSSL egg needs OpenSSL libs to build.
    (Reported by elundmark.)

  * Less incorrect shell escaping of invoked commands.

  * Added support for the HLS streams on TV4 Play.

  * teve can now print video metadata as JSON or s-expressions.

  * Added a crude REPL, mainly for testing. (This feature will behave
    in a very different way once implemented properly, as it is intended
    to be used in scripting.)

  * Uses more up-to-date ffmpeg command line parameters.

  * Big steps toward Windows support. (See README for more info.)

  * teve now avoids streams it cannot find a download tool for. Since
    the HLS streams at TV4 Play are also usable now, AdobeHDS.php and
    PHP are no longer required.

  * On the other hand, AdobeHDS.php is now bundled.

  * Also bundled is a (Windows) batch file which acts as a stupid
    front-end for FFmpeg.