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Course Planner for Bogazici University Students
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an up-to-date Course Planner for Bogazici University Students

Stack: React,HTML,CSS and NodeJS




Instead of keeping a database of courses, this project aims to get lastest data from the original source(Boun Registration Web Site) whenever a user needs course information since course informations are updated frequently.

However, there is a trick which is to avoid excessive usage of the original source(Boun Registration Web Site) . We achieve that by using request-response-caching mechanism of nginx on the production. We cache request and their corresponding responses for a while(e.g 1hour). This also improves scalability of our server site code.


The web site( got approximately 6.500 user and 18.000 pageview in the first month before the course registration date. This means that we reached the 50% of the target group(~13.000 user) without any advertisement and each user visited the web site 3 times on average.

Moreover, I often see people looking for this solution(course planner with lastest data) in the social media and our users always share the domain name of the web site. Therefore, we gain new users in the organic way.

Detailed Audience Data


Updated to adopt the changes (the university registration(data) page has changed)

Fixed Bugs:

Hidden Departments: Some courses appear with sub-department code. Since our design aims to access information from shortest path, it uses department code to find courses. However, sub-department should be explored in order to access courses with sub-department code. Solution is to explore departments and store sub-department codes in the memory and repeat this process after a while (e.g. every 72 hours).

Multiple Departments with same department code

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