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An Experimental Social Media Project
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An Experimental Social Media Project

Developed by me(Samet Demir) and Kaan Dura in 2016-2017.

Back then, we were ambitious freshman computer engineering students who wants to create something that works. We were hoping to make something that we can make money from. The problem was that we were inexperienced about entrepreneurship and we missed the point of minimum viable product so we tried to add a lot of features.

The takeaway is we learned a lot about managing software projects and how somethings works from software perspective. We believe it was great experience.

We used NodeJS and React Native to develop this project.

Features we implemented:

  • User Profile
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Add Friend
  • Share a post
  • Share a comment under a post
  • Real Messaging
  • Photo/File sharing
  • Search user/post
  • ...

The main idea of the project: This project was planned as a Social Media platform where users can create challenges, join other challenges and share things about it. Main objective was to create place for people with same purpose so that they can contribute to each others progress.

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