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commit 2c810c73e6da6acc4c1ce30f9bdc84c07897dc29 1 parent 6458bd1
@simke authored
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  1. +19 −18 .bashrc
37 .bashrc
@@ -20,19 +20,19 @@ export VARIABLE=content
s() { su -c "$*";}
-alias p='s pacman-color'
-alias S='s pacman-color -S --needed'
+alias p='sudo pacman-color'
+alias S='sudo pacman-color -S --needed'
alias Ss='pacman-color -Ss'
alias Q='pacman-color -Q'
alias Qi='pacman-color -Qi'
-alias R='s pacman-color -Run'
-alias Ra='s pacman-color -Runsc'
-alias Syu='s pacman-color -Syu'
-alias popt='s pacman-optimize'
-alias rmdblck='s rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck'
+alias R='sudo pacman-color -Run'
+alias Ra='sudo pacman-color -Runsc'
+alias Syu='sudo pacman-color -Syu'
+alias popt='sudo pacman-optimize'
+alias rmdblck='sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck'
alias y='yaourt'
alias yy='yaourt -Syua'
-alias pacdif='s pacdiffviewer'
+alias pacdif='sudo pacdiffviewer'
alias ..='cd ..'
alias ...='cd ../..'
@@ -55,14 +55,14 @@ alias h='history'
alias hist='history | grep $1'
alias path='echo -e ${PATH//:/\\n}'
alias dF='df -kTh'
-alias swap='s swapoff -a && swapon -a'
-alias off='s shutdown'
-alias reb='s reboot'
-alias tresh='s rm -r -f /home/simke/.local/share/Trash'
+alias swap='sudo swapoff -a && swapon -a'
+alias off='sudo shutdown'
+alias reb='sudo reboot'
+alias tresh='sudo rm -r -f /home/simke/.local/share/Trash'
alias ping='ping -c 4'
alias alijas='cat ~/.bashrc | grep alias'
-alias wlanauto='s iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M auto'
-alias wlanfix='s iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed'
+alias wlanauto='sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M auto'
+alias wlanfix='sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 5.5M fixed'
alias up='cd "$(ls -d */ | dmenu -i)"'
alias pp='ps $@ -u $USER -o pid,%cpu,%mem,bsdtime,command'
alias pg='ps -Af | grep $1'
@@ -76,17 +76,18 @@ alias xdg-arch='xdg_menu --format awesome --root-menu /etc/xdg/menus/arch-applic
alias monitor='xset dpms'
ppp() {
- s "pppoe-stop && pppoe-start";
+ sudo pppoe-stop
+ sudo pppoe-start;
rprobe() {
- s "modprobe -r $1 && modprobe $1";
+ sudo modprobe -r $1 && sudo modprobe $1;
wprobe() {
- s "rmmod $1 && modprobe $1 && modprobe rtap_iface=$2 $1";
+ sudo rmmod $1 && sudo modprobe $1 && sudo modprobe rtap_iface=$2 $1;
chscr() {
- s chmod +x ~/.scripts/$1;
+ sudo chmod +x ~/.scripts/$1;
tintre() {
killall -e tint2;

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