Playing with the Google Maps API to make a virtual Where's Waldo game -- playable anywhere in the world.
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======= ##Where in the World Is Waldo? This started as me trying to learn the Google Maps Javascript API and Google Places API. Play ANYWHERE in the world by popping in a latitude and longitude up top. #####Live Link: WheresWaldo

###How It Works: The Google Places API allows you to search for places nearby the center of the map. Using that, I place all the extras on all the cafe's, stores, atms, bus stations and train stations. Waldo, Wenda, Odlaw, Wizard Whitebeard and Woof are placed on five schools in the area.

###Coming soon: Eventually, I want to tap into the Google Maps Geocoding service and see if I can have the applet search by any location, not just limited to Lat and Long.