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Simlar for android
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Build Status

Simlar is a cross platform VoIP App aiming to make encrypted calls easy.

Screenshot address book Screenshot call

Build dependencies

  • Java Development Kit
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Android Studio is not really needed but is the recommended way to hack on simlar-android.

Compile (Console)


./gradlew assembleDebug

Build without Google Services

./gradlew assembleAlwaysOnlineRelease -Pno-google-services

Compile and run static code analysis.

./gradlew build connectedCheck

Android Studio

Initially importing simlar-android in Android Studio, removes the inspection settings. That's why we recommend to run the following command once after importing:

git checkout .idea/


Simlar heavily depends on the linphone-sdk formally known as liblinphone. Since version 4.2 Belledonne publishes it in a maven repository. However if you would like to compile it yourself, you should start with compiling the linphone-sdk for android. Once it compiles on your system, here is a script for checking out, compile and integrate the linphone-sdk into simlar-android.

./scripts/ origin/master

The linphone-sdk uses cmake. You may set its environment variables e.g. to compile with multiple threads.

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