Turn your Android handset into a remote mouse/keyboard for your computer.
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Valence, the input-only VNC client for Android

(c) 2011 David Simmons
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


Valence is an input-only VNC client that turns your Android handset
or tablet into a remote mouse and keyboard for any computer running
a VNC server.  See the links above for more information.

Building Valence

To build Valence, you'll need to clone the following repositories from 
my account on GitHub:

valence     git@github.com:simmons/valence.git
motelib     git@github.com:simmons/motelib.git
netlib      git@github.com:simmons/netlib.git
xmlfoo      git@github.com:simmons/xmlfoo.git

Make sure these repositories share a common parent directory, so that
the "valence" project can access the "xmlfoo" project with "../xmlfoo",
for instance.

1. Install Eclipse and Google's Android Development Tools (ADT)
   for Eclipse.

2. Set up a fresh Eclipse workspace with the following settings which
   can be configured in the preferences:
    a. Under Java->Compiler, set the Java compliance level to "1.6".
    b. Under Android, set up your Android SDK directory and target.
       I use the "Android 2.1-update1" target for Valence.

3. Add the projects:
    a. File->Import...->General->Existing Projects into Workspace.
    b. Select the directory that contains the four projects.
    c. A list of the projects will appear.  Select each project.
    d. Leave "Copy projects into workspace" and "Add project to working sets" unchecked.
    e. "Finish".

The projects will initially appear with many errors flagged, as
Eclipse and the ADT perform the build tasks, but should settle in a
bit.  If not, it sometimes helps to close the project (right-click on
the project name and click "Close Project") and re-open it, which
forces ADT to regenerate certain files.