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My macOS packages

Normalizes filenames to Unicode NFC, faster than convmv(1).

brew install simnalamburt/x/jaso

uniq(1) alternative with streaming support.

brew install simnalamburt/x/uniqs

Simple AWS ELB log parser which parses Classic LB and ALB logs into JSONs.

brew install simnalamburt/x/elb-log-parser

Simple TOTP CLI, powered by keychain of macOS.

brew install simnalamburt/x/totp



These packages have outlived their usefulness, but have been preserved for historical reasons.


haskell-stack patched to work with Apple Silicon. See Homebrew/homebrew-core#95032 and commercialhaskell/stack#5677 for the upstream PRs.

brew install simnalamburt/x/haskell-stack


Podman patched to work with Apple Silicon. You won't need this fork since podman v3.4.0 or later works fine with Apple Silicon. See simnalamburt/podman for the source codes.

brew install simnalamburt/x/podman-apple-silicon

# Example
podman machine init
podman machine start
podman run -p 8080:80


qemu with Hypervisor.framework patch applied. See simnalamburt/qemu@hvf for the patch that is used. It's based on the 6.1.0 version of qemu.

brew install simnalamburt/x/qemu-hvf


homebrew-x is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0). See COPYRIGHT for details.