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Mapyrus is software for creating plots of points, lines, polygons and labels to PostScript (high resolution, up to A0 paper size), Portable Document Format (PDF), Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format and web image output formats.

Mapyrus is open source software and is implemented entirely in Java enabling it to run on a wide range of operating systems.

The software combines the following three features.

Logo Or Turtle Graphics

An imaginary pen is moved around a page, creating shapes that are drawn into an image file. Reusable routines are built up using a BASIC-like language. Branching and looping constructs enable complex shapes, symbols, patterns and graphs to be be defined.

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3 turtle4 turtle5 turtle6

Data Display

Reading and displaying of geographic information system (GIS) datasets, text files, or tables held in a relational database (including spatially extended databases such as Oracle Spatial, PostGIS and MySQL).

Drawing routines are applied to geographic data to produce annotated and symbolized maps and graphs. Attributes of the geographic data control the color, size, annotation and other characteristics of the appearance of the geographic data. Scalebars, legends, coordinate grids and north arrows are also available.

Average Monthly Temperatures

Strip Map of Railways Lines in East Kent

Sinusoidal Projection

Vegetation Classes Vegetation Classes Legend

Vegetation Classes Scalebar Vegetation Classes North Arrow

Inventory Levels at Warehouses

Geometry Algorithms

Integration with the freely-available JTS Topology Suite. This library provides geometric algorithms such as buffering, point-in-polygon test and polygon intersection.

Integration with the freely-available JH Labs Java port of the PROJ.4 projection library.


Further examples are included in the tutorial.

The reference describes how Mapyrus works in detail.

Changes in each released version are listed in NEWS.


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