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Documents App for GeoNode

This is a GeoNode extension to handle documents in various formats, even images. It works essentially by enabling files to be attached to a GeoNode Map, Layer or be indipendent.


  1. Install the documents app:

    source bin/activate

    pip install -e git+git://

  2. Edit your file and add documents to the list of installed apps

  3. Append the following line to your

    (r'^documents/', include('documents.urls')),

# Then re-run syncdb and reload your web server.


  1. In order to have the documents directly linked in the main menu bar:

    (basic) replace the page_layout.html file provided in the "extras" folder with the original one in your template folder. (only use this if you have never modified the page_layout.html file)

    (advanced) copy the content of the page_layout_snippet.html and insert it in your page_layout.html file in the "nav" block.

  2. In order to have the documents linked in the map or layer detail template:

    copy the content of the extra/maps/info_snippet.html and insert it in your mapinfo.html or layer.html file in the "header" and "sidebar" block.