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MooTools Core

This repository is for MooTools developers, not users.
All users should download MooTools from

How to Contribute

General help

For information on MooTools usage see

The MooTools Community discussions take place on the MooTools Users Google Group.

Minor fixes

Our bugtracker is located at Lighthouse. If you want to contribute a bug fix, coordinate your fix there in the comment thread of the bug ticket. You can add a code patch to the ticket there. Run git help format-patch to see how to create a git patch.

Major changes

As with all Git projects, feel free to fork the project and do whatever you want with your own fork of MooTools.

But, if you want your changes to be incorporated into the official releases of MooTools, please work with us to decide what direction to take the project. See for more information on getting involved with the project.

Repository structure

  • The 1.2wip branch will always be stable
    It is for stable bug fixes to the 1.2 release only.
    • Once a fix is stable it will be pulled into the 1.2wip branch.
    • Work in progress fixes will be worked on in other branches/forks until stable.
    • Once there are enough fixes in 1.2wip to justify a new minor release, a new tag will be created.
  • The master branch is for the next major release, 1.3.
  • Once 1.3 is released, it will be tagged and branched just like 1.2wip