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The materials in this repository are from the 14th annual Sydney Phylogenetics Workshop, held at the University of Sydney on 27–28 July 2023.

This 2-day workshop provided an introduction to phylogenetic analysis, including practical exercises based on the software MEGA, IQ-TREE, and BEAST 2. It was aimed at early career researchers (research students and postdoctoral researchers).

The workshop comprised a series of lectures and practical exercises. Day 1 dealt with interpreting phylogenetic trees, molecular evolution, phylogenetic data, sequence alignment, evolutionary models, phylogenetic methods, and phylogenomics. Day 2 provided an introduction to phylogenetic analysis using IQ-TREE, Bayesian phylogenetic analysis, and estimating timescales.

Practical 2.1 "IQ-TREE 2 Workshop Tutorial", led by Fred Jaya, is available here.

Lectures were given by Yasmin Asar, Simon Ho, and Fred Jaya. Teaching assistants included Karen López and Toby Kovacs.

Most of the workshop materials were written by Simon Ho, with input from various contributors over the years (including Matt Phillips, Rob Lanfear, Sebastian Duchêne, David Duchêne, Mark de Bruyn, Nate Lo, Minh Bui, and members of the Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogenetics Lab at the University of Sydney).

The next workshop will be held in late June 2024.


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