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Autoplaylists for Google Music™

Hi! Here you'll find more details on the extension and ways to get help. If you're not a user, you probably want to look at the project homepage instead.

Stay up to date

To receive announcements about new features or major improvements, join the announcement mailing list.

Find more details

For answers to common questions, see the faq. Questions around the features of different versions and how to upgrade are addressed in the Versions and Upgrading section.

Get in touch

To suggest a feature, ask a question not addressed in the faq, or chat with other users, please send a post to the discussion mailing list.

Report bugs

To report a bug, please open an issue. If you don't want to create a GitHub account, you can send a post to the discussion mailing list, though issues are preferred.

Anything else

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to email me directly: