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Loading… always return {"success":false} #145

bubbleguuum opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Since this call seems to never work anymore, maybe it would be a good idea to remove it.

The official Google Music web interface seems to always perform local search now as with Firebug I do not see any API call made.

Is there a known replacement to do server-side searches ? This was very useful.
Otherwise doing local searches is going to be super slow with huge libraries, unless backed by a local database.


Yeah, I'll remove it.

There's a search endpoint for the mobileclient, but that only searches for Store/All Access tracks (and only works with an AA subscription).

Apologies for the sorry state of the webclient right now. I'm actually planning to ditch most of it soon, since I can support most of the same features more easily with the mobileclient.

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