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1.1 Getting Started [Mod Development]

Throughout this documentation I will refer to the Comcraft mod loader as Comcraft, this is not the Comcraft that can be modded in Java, but the API in JavaScript created by me (Simon816).

You will need to know at least the basics of the JavaScript programming language. This language is primarily used for Web Browsers, but can be for other uses also. You can learn JavaScript if you don't know it, but general programming knowledge will be fine. Some good tutorials can be found in many places for example w3schools.

About the mod loader, and files used
The mod loader uses a JavaScript parser called MINIJOE, "Minimal Javascript Object Environment". It implements the ECMA-262 Standard except from these differences.
Mod source code is identical to Javascript, but is conventionally saved with a .cmod extension ("Comcraft Mod").
Since Comcraft Mod Loader 0.3 (IDE 0.4) all mod data is stored in a deployable .mod file. These files store all compiled source codes, the mod info (Metadata/Manifest whatever you call it), and all resources in a GZIP compressed format.

More information can be found on Using The IDE next.

Mod Development Trail
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