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2.1 Test on your phone [Mod Testing]

If you haven't already, read Using The IDE page.

After packaging your mod, you can transfer the .mod file to your phone.
On your phone, you must have running Comcraft with Mod Loader 0.3 or higher and ran the app at least once to generate the comcraft directory (where texturepacks, world saves etc. go).
In the comcraft directory, there is a mods folder, open it and Copy your .mod file into it

<comcraft root>
      /Demo Mod.mod (your mod)

Now run Comcraft as normal (close and reopen if running already) and your mod should appear in the mods menu option. Here's a screenshot of the Demo Mod made earlier appearing in the mods menu:
Mod Screenshot

To prove the Demo Mod has worked, here are 2 screenshots
Language Mod

Mod Testing Trail
Home -> Test on your phone -> Test on the Oracle Java(TM) Platform Micro Edition SDK

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