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Python S60 Projects

This repository is an archive of a variety of projects and general purpose libraries that I had created from 2011 to 2015.

They were created using the very handy PED (Python EDitor) for S60. Yes, that does mean I made them solely on my phone, it was possible thanks to the Nokia SU-8W bluetooth keyboard.

PyS60 was my first introduction to Python, and more generally to "platform development" (i.e. not web-based).

Summary of projects


A replica of the game 2048.

This project is incomplete and does not implement all the rules of the game.

Common Lib

These are the libraries that drive the projects

There is quite an extensive range of libraries. A lot of them revolve around extending the built-in GUI APIs.

cURL Console

A console application that implements some of the features of cURL.

Diff Tool

A tool that shows a unified diff of two files, with red/green/gray colors to represent changed/same lines.

It uses the difflib library to calculate the diff.

File Manager / FTP Manager

Originally just as an FTP file explorer, but later became a general purpose file manager.

Features include:

  • Browse both FTP and local file systems
  • Edit Files. Supports syntax highlighters for HTML, PHP and JavaScript.
    Text editor has support for auto-indent, find/replace, custom colors
  • Delete files
  • Create files
  • Download files/directories
  • Upload files, and extract local ZIP to remote directory
  • View file metadata
  • Clipboard to cut/copy/paste files
  • Saved FTP settings as well as other application settings

GitHub Mobile

Connects to the GitHub API and can download repositories.
Can browse commits and allows local changes to be committed.

Has partial support for the git storage format.

MHTML Reader

Reads MHTML files generated from OperaMobile.

Other Lib

Some work-in-progress libraries and experiments.


Keeps track of a class timetable and homework. Connects to the phone's calendar to manage events and deadlines.

Playlist Generator

The first app I made. Generates m3u playlist files for the phone's Music Player.

Rubiks Cube

A work-in-progress Rubiks Cube game.


Controls a Spykee by communicating to it over the LAN.

Web Server

Uses a web server implementation I made for another project. Serves static files as well as parsing files for <?python which executes on the server.


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