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Much Assembly Required

Much Assembly Required puts you in control of your very own Cubot programmable robot. Your Cubot is fully programmable and acts only in accordance to the software that you have written for it. Without your command your Cubot will just sit still for eternity, awaiting the moment that you reach out to take control.

The Cubot unit is equipped with the latest and greatest 16-bit MAR-CPU, along with 64 kilowords of memory (128kB). Attached to the CPU are various peripherals to let your Cubot interact with the world, including legs, a LiDAR unit, and Hologram Projector among many others. For mass storage, the Cubot is equipped with a single 1.44MB floppy disk drive.

If you don't feel familiar enough with Assembly, check out our Basic Assembly Tutorial.

Or Learn by Examples if you want to see your Cubot doing funny stuff as you comprehend how it works.

We also have a series of Useful Code Snippets for you to enhance your Cubot's intelligence.

If you want to learn from other players' codes, visit the list of Users' Repositories.

Explore the various worlds, collect resources, find NPCs, interact with other Cubots – the universe is your sandbox to explore.


If you want to help Much Assembly Required grow, please read the Collaboration Guide so you can understand a little more how we've been working so far.

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